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Phoenix Lodge 154 is located at 1009 Main Street in downtown Sumner, Washington 98390. Our mailing address is PO Box 1601, Sumner WA 98390. The lodge is a part of the Sumner community. Our stated meeting is the second Wednesday of each month with a dinner at 6:30 pm and the meeting at 7:30pm. In June, the lodge meets on the first Wednesday. Please join us.

Jay Tonneslan passed to the degree of Fellowcraft

Jay Tonneslan

On Wednesday, November 4, Jason (Jay) Tonneslan received was passed to the Degree of Fellowcraft. The Degree was conferred by WM Jamal Anglin with an excellent lecture given by VWB Garry Gerking.

Congratulations Brother Jay on your advancement.

2018 Bikes-For-Books prizes awarded

Crestview Winner    Crestview Winner    

Daffodil Winner    Bonney Lake Winner    

Eisman Winner

This year, Phoenix Lodge's Bikes-for-Books program again provided bikes in all 10 elementary schools in the Sumner and Orting school districts. This program, which promotes reading by students, awards a new bike to one boy and one girl at each school based on completing reading skills as determined by the school staff. The awards take place at the end of the school year.

Pictured above are bike winners from one Elementary School that participate in the program.

Congratulations to all of the winners and to all of the students who participated in the program as well as the brothers who spend their time obtaining the bikes, placing the bikes in the schools and attending the awarding of the winners.

Parkland-Lakewood Lodge 299 presents WM with a Traveling Gavel

Traveling Gevel

At the June Stated Meeting, members of Parkland-Lakewood Lodge 299 presented a very large travelling gavel to WM Jamal Anglin. This gavel is intended to be given away to other lodges in the District as a way to encourage visitation. We are very sure that, unlike some traveling gavels, this one will not be lost in the properties room!!!

Miles Stover honored for 40 years as a Master Mason

2016 Officers

At the May Stated Meeting, WM Jamal Anglin presented Brother Miles Stover with a pin commemorating 40 years as a Master Mason. At the time, Brother Stover has served a total of 44 years. Congratulations to Miles on his many years of serving the fraternity.

2018 Outstanding Junior Scholarship Awards presented

Scholarship Finalists             Scholarship Winners

On Wednesday, April 25th, 2018. Phoenix Lodge 245 held its annual Outstanding Junior Awards Program. 10 finalists from Bonney Lake and Sumner High School were honored for their achievements in academics, service, and participation in school and community life. We congratulate all of the students selected as finalists and those who received scholarships.

Pictured above left are all of the finalists from both Sumner and Bonney Lake High Schools. On the right are pictured the scholarship winners. They are, from Left to right, Abigail Frame, Alanah Thronson, Carson Bohl and Dawson Windish.

Trevor Marckmann

This was the final year that WB David Arnold will be Chairman for the Outstanding Junior Awards Program. He has been doing this work for over 10 years. Pictures above is WB Dave with his special "helpers", his wife and mother-in-law. Thank you Dave for your many yers of service to this project of Phoenix Lodge.

Trevor Marckmann Passed to the Degree of Fellowcraft

Service Awards Presented

2016 Officers

At the March Stated Meeting, WM Jamal Anglin presented two brothers with awards for their years of service to Masonry. Pictured above, from left to right, are WB Al Cramer, WM Jamal Anglin, and WB Mark Conlee. WB Cramer was honored for 25 years as a Mason, and WB Conlee was honored for 50 years as a Mason. Congratulations to these brethren for their past and continuing work with the fraternity.

Installation of Officers for 2018

2016 Officers

Phoenix Lodge held its installation of officers on Sat, December 16, 2017. Pictured above are WM Jamal Anglin and his officers for the year. The Installing team did an excellent job, and everyone enjoyed the day. The best of luck to WB Jamal and his officers for the coming year.

Gavel of WB Perry Nation returned to Phoenix Lodge

WB Nation Gavel

On Dec 13, 2017, Brother Steven Van Zanten of Corinthian Lodge 38 in Puyllup presented WM Todd O'Day with a gavel that was owned by WB Perry Nation. WB Nation was Master of Phoenix Lodge in 1964.

Brother Van Zanten found the gavel for sale on the Internet and purchased it in order to return it to its proper place in Phoenix Lodge. A very special thanks to Brother Van Zanten for returning this artifact to Phoenix Lodge 154

2017 Orting displays books purchased with donation from Phoenix Lodge

New Books             New Books

We recently received pictures from the Orting Middle School showing their display of the new books purchased with the donation from the Lodge.

Every year, we donate money to the libraries of all of the Middle Schools in the Sumner and Orting District to be used to purchase new books. The Orting School was kind enough to display them is a special place and to provide us with pictures of the books being selected by a student.

New Chair Lift Installed

1st Degree

The long anticipated chair lift is now installed and operational. Seen here, WB Bill Hart is giving it a full fledged try out. The Chair Lift was instigated during WB Bill's term as Master of Phoenix Lodge # 154. The lift should make it much easier for members who need assistnace with stairs to join the activities of the temple.

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